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Low risk and high rewarding Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock option trading tips absolutely free for 7 days. 

We share our personal option trades with low risk entry range, small stoploss and high rewarding targets with all our Trial as well as premium clients.

Nifty, Bank Nifty, Stock Cash and Option Tips

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Trade in Nifty, Bank Nifty and Stock Option With Us

Stock Option Trading Tips
Stock Option Trading Tips

We don’t just provide Nifty, bank Nifty and Stock Option Trading Tips but we share whatever stock option trades we are doing in our real trading account.

We are trader and we understand the pain of real trading. We understand how tough it is to get profit from random Option trading tips.

Sometimes we miss the trade because price is already up by the time we receive tips, sometimes stoploss triggers and most irritating part is when tips providers ask to book part profit on every 1 points rise.

We retail trades mostly trade in single lot of stock options and booking profit on every point rise is not possible.

So, we opened a special trading account for our clients to show our own trades live. We maintain Rs. 100000 (1 Lakh) capital in that account and trade with 1 Lakh only.

We trade on every of our Option Trading Tips we share with our clients. First we initiate trade in our real trading account and then we share it with clients within 2-3 minutes with screen shot of trade book/open positions.

So, we don’t provide just random Stock option trading tips. We risk our own money on our tips, means we lose our own money when trade goes wrong.

We trade with 1 Lakh capital only to show how small traders with less than 1 lakh capital can trade in option with managed risk. So, there is no unrealistic big profit promises, we share only whatever practically can be done with less than 1 Lakh capital.

We share when we initiate a trade and we update when we exit the trade. There is no unwanted communication within the trade creating confusions. Final update will be sent before closing to inform about the trades we are exiting and the trades we are holding for next day.

Getting Profits from Option Buying Trades

Getting profit in Option buying needs hours of research and calculation. Only technical analysis of a script is not enough because we also need to fight with change in volatility, time decay and options premium fluctuation.

Moreover, option buyers have to fight against big market player. There is one option seller for every option we buy whereas option seller is not a small inexperienced trader. It needs huge capital to sell option and risk is unlimited.

So, seller is strong and more experienced trader but we (Option Buyer) can take advantage of sellers activity (experienced traders) if we read Options Sellers activity and that’s what we do.

How we Identify Low Risk High Rewarding Option Trading Tips

Call Put Option Trades
Call Put Option Trades

There are 140 Plus FNO stocks listed on NSE and we screened out 80 best high volume stocks with highest option trading activity.

We observe all these stocks regularly based on Elliott Wave Theory and screen out 5-6 stocks with possibility of 8-10% move in quick time.

Later we check Option data of these 5-6 selected stocks to find out bottom or stoploss of its Call Put Options. Reading of Option Data includes Open Interest analysis, Implied Volatility analysis and last 3-4 days of mass trading activity at most active strike price.

At last, we screen out best 2-3 Option trades which meets all our selecting parameters and wait for our low risk buying range to trade.

We trade mostly on Calls and trade very less in Puts because we observed in last 6 years of our Option Trading Experience that Buying Calls is most rewarding than Buying Puts (reason is change in implied volatility). So, we select the stock with possibility of quick upside in coming sessions.

Low Risk High Rewarding Bank Nifty Option Trading Tips

Nifty Option Tips
Nifty Option Tips

We analyze Bank Nifty on daily basis and also shares detailed analysis report of Bank Nifty with our clients. So we also share Bank Nifty Option tips whenever we identify the possibility of good quick moves with support from Option Data Analysis.

We wait for Option Premium to decline near bottom for buying. So our Stock and Bank Nifty Option buying trades have risk rewards ratio of more than 1:3. We initiate a trade if our stoploss is less than Rs. 3000 and target is more than Rs.9000.

Option buying trades has accuracy of about 50-60% because abnormal Option Premium fluctuation ruins a trade some times. So, risk reward ration of option buying trades must be 1:3 or above.

Nifty Option Tips with Small Stoploss and Single Target

Bank Nifty Option Trades
Bank Nifty Option Trades

Like Bank Nifty, we prepare Elliott Wave Analysis report of Nifty and share it with our clients every day. So we also trades in Nifty Options and share Nifty Option trading tips whenever we identify the possibility of a good quick move after getting confirmation from Option Data Analysis.

We share our stock and Nifty option buying tips with exact entry level, stoploss (exact or closing basis) for a single target. And we wait for either stoploss or target.

Option buying trades are done when there is possibility of quick move in Nifty/Stocks and option premium Doubles/Triples in faction of time when that quick move happens. So we must wait for that quick move in Nifty or stocks for maximum rewards.

Option premium increases 5-10 times some times and trade becomes jackpot. We need to have patience to hold trades till targets to maintain risk reward ratio.

Our Nifty, Bank Nifty and stock option trades are selected and calculated in such a way that a single good trade covers the loss of 5-6 stoploss trades.

Stock Option Trading Tips at Perfect Time for Higher rewards

Along with low risk entry price, perfect option buying time is as important. Stock Option needs to be bought only when underlying stock is just about to move.

Your Option buying trade can be loss even if stock moves in favorable direction if the timing is not perfect. Because Option premium may decrease if stock consolidates or moves slowly after you initiate the trade.

We initiate Stock Option Buying trade only when Option Premium is near bottom and when underlying stock is about to move.

Moreover, our stoploss for option buying trade is based on Option Premium itself. So our trades are protected against any unexpected decrease in Implied Volatility.

Free Call Put Option Trading Tips for 7 Days

We provide free access to all our Elliott Wave Analysis services and Call Put Option Trading Tips for 7 days. 7 Days are enough to observe how we are doing analysis, and executing Stock Option Buying Trades.

Interested traders can subscribe for our Nifty, Bank and Stock Option Trading Tips for 7 days by sending us request at Telegram No. 8082165121.

Services are provided through Telegram Channel “Sweeglu Trial Clients”. This is private channel and we will add you manually after receiving your message to avoid unauthorized access.

We are not asking for any information other than a message from you on telegram and 15 day’s Stock Options Tips service is absolutely free without any conditions. So, it is win-win situations because you are not losing anything.

Moreover, you have opportunity to see practically how we are actually trading in Stock Options in our real account. It’s a great learning opportunity to observe how experts trade.

95% of the traders lose money in Stock, Nifty and bank Nifty Option Buying, so let us show how we are gaining consistent profit by Option buying on monthly basis.

Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle
Deepak Kumar, Elliott Wave Theory Analyst

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An independent Elliott Wave Theory analyst, trainer and trader. Analyzing Indian Indices and stocks since 2011. Founder of “Sweeglu Elliott Waves” and author of most practical book on Elliott Wave Theory, “Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle”

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