SAMCO's Highest Option Selling Margin Combined With Dedicated Sweeglu Elliott Wave's Support

Open SAMCO Trading Account under Sweeglu Elliott Waves to get our dedicated trading support. Highest Margin facilities of SAMCO combined with accurate Sweeglu Elliott Wave Analysis and Low Risk Trading Strategies

SAMCO is emerging discount broker who provide highest Intraday and Delivery margin in the industry on Subscription basis and Sweeglu Elliott Waves known for most accurate market analysis and trading strategies since 2014. 

SAMCO’s Margin Funding and Sweeglu Elliott Wave’s trading support is one of the best combination  a traders can have for profitable trading. Higher Margin is directly proportional to higher risk but Sweeglu Elliott Waves will teach how to use higher margin for consistent profit with lowest risk.

Instruction to Open SAMCO Trading and Demat Account under Sweeglu

It is important to follow these instruction, so that your application process correctly under us because you will get Sweeglu Elliott Wave’s Support and Services only if your application process under our franchise.

Click on “Click Here to Open SAMCO Account under Sweeglu” button below and a SAMCO page will open where you need to fill initial details. 

Make sure a “your application will be linked to samco partner Deepak Kumar” tag is there before filling up your Name, Email and Mobile. Please look carefully at image on left.

Once you  fill your Name, Email and Phone and click “Sign Up for Free” button then your further application will be processes under us. 

Account opening is 100% Free and process is very simple and paperless. 

Once your Account Opening Application is processes then your Client ID, Name, Mobile Number and Email ID will be recorded in our Franchise Dashboard as shown in image below. Your same email ID will be added in our database of Life Time Sweeglu Elliott Services and Support


Lowest Brokerage in the industry at Rs. 20 per order irrespective of any quantity with Highest Margin Funding in the industry.

SAMCO has various Leverage products like Options Plus, Cash Plus, Stock Plus, Intra Plus to give highest margin funding. Options Plus is our favorite because it  provides up to 20X margin on selling options for Intraday. We can sell 1 lot of Nifty or Bank option with Rs. 5500- 12000 depend upon volatility under option plus with nominal subscription fee of Rs. 170 per month.

Other discount broker like Zerodha has huge client base and is saturated now, we can’t trade in far OTM options in Zerodha and there trading App often freeze during sudden event but it is not the case with SAMCO. We can trade in any far OTM options and we didn’t experience any lag in their trading app or terminal till now.

Account opening is 100% free and paperless. Even SAMCO gives 100% cash back of brokerage for first month. Free Account Opening and Free Brokerage for first month make account opening totally risk free.

We are personally using SAMCO for more than 6 months for our Intraday Option Selling Trades and we are loving it. Nothing is better than SAMCO for those who trades Intraday or do Intraday Hedged Option Selling Trades. Even we are going to use SAMCO account to share our live trades and to teach trading strategies.


Sweeglu Elliott Wave's Support and Services for its SAMCO Clients

The biggest challenge for a Broker or Sub Broker is that more than 90% or the clients lose their whole capital in just a month and stop trading and inactive clients doesn’t deliver revenue.

We are working harder to register you under us but our hard work will not be rewarding if you lose your money and stop trading within a month. So, we are committed to guide and teach our clients with our analysis skill and trading experience so that our client succeeds in trading right from the beginning for long term, after all our clients success is the only source of our revenue.

So, we are not giving you any favor are not luring you with attractive offers. We are providing you all our premium support and services because our business model depends on your trading success, we are doing it for our success. 

You are getting a trading account with trusted guidance, honest analysis and trading support for free and we will get brokerage revenue from your trade. It is win-win situation for both of us. 

Clients phone number be added in our dedicated Telegram Chanel made specially for our SAMCO Clients for our support and guidance.

You can call directly to Deepak Kumar (owner of Sweeglu Elliott Waves) and he will plan and advise Low Risk Rewarding Trading Strategies based on your Psychology, Capital and Risk Tolerance.

Stock Market is very dynamic and different trading strategies are suitable for different market conditions. We will teach and guide you about right trading strategies for a particular condition.

We will share our personal trades on telegram group and later we will explain why we initiated and how we managed those trades. We want to teach our clients how we plan trades in different market conditions so that traders get real and practical experience every day. This service will be provided to all our SAMCO clients for Life Time without any condition. 

All our premium services including our Analysis Reports and Live Market Updates of Nifty and Bank Nifty will be provided free for all for first 02 months. 

After 02 months, traders who are active and doing at least 12-15 trades a month will get our services for Life Time as long as they are active. 

We are going to introducing new services like individual Stocks Analysis  and educational videos in future, same will be shared to all our SAMCO Clients for free.


Sweeglu Elliott Wave’s is advertisement partner of SAMCO in the name of Deepak Kumar. We are partner with SAMCO on revenue sharing basis  but we don’t have any control on policies of SAMCO. So, we are responsible for the Sweeglu Elliott Wave’s service which we mentioned in this advertisement but we are not responsible for any policy changes of SAMCO in future. Please visit SAMCO’s website to know about their policies, term and conditions.