Packages and Subscription Charges

1.          Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty Daily

2.          “Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty Daily” with “Live Updates through WhatsApp During Market Hours” 

3.       Combined Package: Nifty and Bank Nifty Analysis and Live Updates During Market Hours:

4.      Elliott Wave Analysis Course

The complete self learning course to learn Practical Application of Elliott Wave Theory in real time trading which includes:

Note: The Analysis Report of Nifty I am providing to my students for 02 Months with Book to teach Elliott Wave Theory.  Analysis Reports mainly for my students who want to get my report even after 02/06 months of free period. So, it may be difficult for beginners to understand these reports.

So, my advice for beginners is to go for my “Elliott Wave Analysis Course” first which cost only Rs. 4500 and I am also providing same reports free for 02 months. So, that you can understand everything in the report and also able to analyze yourself as I am not providing any advisory support during live market hours.

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