Elliott Wave Theory Course

Learn Practical Application of Elliott Wave Theory with self learning course planned and designed by Elliott Wave Analyst and Trainer Deepak Kumar

Elliott Wave Theory is most accurate and reliable stock market analysis method but there are only few analysts who are able to use it practically for market forecast.

Deepak Kumar is practicing, teaching and applying Elliott Wave Theory for stock market analysis since 2014 and now planned a well organised course to teach Elliott Wave Analysis practically.

 The course consist of a Book to Read, Analysis Reports of Nifty to understand concepts practically and life time support to clear doubts.

Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle by Deepak Kumat pdf

This  eBook is of 159 pages in PDF format and will be sent by email to read and understand the concepts and practical application of Elliott Wave. 

This eBook is written and edited by Deepak Kumar himself and covers every basic as well as advance aspect of Elliott Wave Theory and techniques to apply it practically on real charts with lots of example.

Deepak Kumar shared all his analysis experience of last 6 years and his personal techniques in this book. “Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle by Deepak Kumar” is enough to understand everything about Elliott Wave Theory. 

Sweeglu Fibonacci Calculator

Fibonacci Calculations is one of the important part in Elliott Wave Analysis and we need to do multiple calculations when we are analyzing different time frame. Manual Fibonacci calculations are time consuming and there is possibility of wrong calculations during analysis.

So we prepared Excel Sheet based Fibonacci Calculator which helps to calculate accurate retracements and projection of multiple waves at the same time  within matter of seconds.

This excel sheet based Sweeglu Fibonacci Calculation will also be sent by email along with book “Practical Application of Elliott Wave Principle by Deepak Kumar”

Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty Daily

We understand that knowing the rules techniques of Elliott Wave Theory is easy but learners face difficulties to apply it on real charts in beginning.

So, we are providing Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty Daily for minimum 02 Months with the Book as practical training support to show practically how we are applying the same rules and techniques on real charts to analyse Nifty. 

These analysis reports will cover Elliott Wave Analysis on Nifty charts, probable outlook and important levels based on Analysis and finally Low Risk Trading Strategies based on outlook and levels.  It will help learners to understand Elliott Wave Theory faster by observing our real time analysis and by comparing results.


Sweeglu Life Time Learning Support

Learner if getting difficulty to understand any concept of Elliott Wave Theory can send their queries by email or phone. All the queries will be answered personally by Deepak Kumar.

Learners  can send their analysed chart by email for our observations. Deepak Kumar will personally observe charts and will guide in case of any abnormality.

Note: This support doesn’t includes on demand analysis of any Stock or any other financial instrument. Show us that you are trying it yourself and we will answer even 1000 queries, but we will not answer if learner simply ask us to do analysis for them.

We often post our Analysis Reports of Nifty and Bank Nifty on our Blog once or twice a week since 2014. You can check our analysis report on our blog to get idea of our Elliott Wave Theory knowledge and analysis skill before subscribing for our course.

Subscription Fee

Elliott Wave Theory Course

INR 4500.00

with 02 Months Nifty Analysis Report Subscription

INR 9500.00

with 06 Months Nifty Analysis Report Subscription


The analysis reports we prepare mainly for our “Course subscribers” to show them practically how we are applying the same EWT rules on real time charts to analyze market so that learners can understand concepts better and learn faster. Any trading strategies, entry levels, stoploss or targets  mentioned in reports are just to show the learners how we are planning low risk trading strategies based on outlook and levels calculated with Elliott Wave Analysis. Market outlook, targets, stop loss and trading strategies are not trading Calls or Trading Recommendations.

These analysis reports are just for detailed analysis, outlook, probabilities and expected markets behavior with important levels. Trades based on these reports is solely your decision and Sweeglu Elliott Waves will not be responsible for any trade, loss or profit.

Subscribe only if you feel these report can help you in any way. This service includes only “Elliott Wave Analysis Report of Nifty” daily. This service doesn’t include any other type of support during on/off market hours.