You must have many questions in your mind about this analyzing method “Elliott Wave Theory”.  I received many questions from my followers about EWT since I started posting EWT analysis reports on my blog and face book.  And same questions are repeated again and again which I gathered and trying to answer here:

Q1:         Does Elliott Wave Theory really work?

Ans:       This is first most questions asked by most of personal. I just want to say, Elliott wave theory is not just an analyzing method but is a law of nature and not only stock market but everything in this universe follows a cyclic pattern that repeats again and again like seasons, earth, full moon moves in their own unique pattern etc. R N Elliott researched and discovered the pattern that stock market follow, he discovered that financial market move in 5 waves up 3 waves down and repeat these cycles again and again that you can observe and is proved.  

So, Elliott wave theory will show the pattern, the path that stocks markets follow and markets 100% follows it. But it depends on you if you can identify this pattern on charts and apply it in your trading. Identifying EW patterns and applying is not tough if you have complete and true knowledge.

Q2:         Why most of the analysts find Elliott Wave Theory confusing?

Ans:       It is true that most of the analysts find Elliott’s Wave Theory confusing because either they didn’t have complete knowledge or they don’t want to use their energy in understanding these principles and those who followed it with dedication and grasped it getting rewards  but not willing to share their knowledge.

Q3:         Does Elliott Wave Theory works on Indian Stock Market?

Ans:       My answer is, every stock market and financial instruments follows Elliott’s wave principles but personality of wave may be different for different instruments. Indian Stocks and Indices also follows Elliott’s wave principle but personality of waves in Indian markets is aggressive that’s what I observed in last 3 years. I am applying Elliott Wave Principles on Indian Markets especially on Nifty and some selective stock and not only practicing but applying actively in my personal trading. I don’t want to debate more on that, you can see my Eliiott Wave Analysis reports of nifty on my blog I am posting since June 2014 and decide yourself if Indian markets follow Eliott’s Wave Theory or not.

Most of the analysts believes that Indian Markets don’t follows Elliott Wave Theory but the actual problem is that they read books written by foreign writers or analysts who explains only on global markets and not on Indian markets. At last, they don’t try themselves and believes that Indian stocks don’t follow EWT. But if you search, there are many Indian analysts applying EWT with great success ratio.

Q4:         Does Elliott Wave Theory deliver consistent profit in Trading?

Ans:       I want you to refer Q1 again. As I explained, EWT will show you the pattern that Stock Markets follow but will not trade for you. I can bet and I can promise that Elliott Wave Theory is on the best and most accurate method to predict future moves of market, to predict exact tops and bottoms, to find best entry levels, stop loss and targets but profit and loss depends solely on your decision making ability, your trading discipline, your trading strategies and your risk management. I can provide you knowledge of EWT, I can teach you how to identify EW patterns on charts and I can teach how to apply EW principles in practical trading and profit and loss depends on your trading decisions.

Q5:         Why should I prefer your book “Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar”?

Ans:       Most of the books on EWT you find are written by foreign writers explaining EWT on old charts of only global market where you will find it difficult to apply practically on Indian markets and also there is lack of practical knowledge and Fibonacci calculation in most of the books. But:

  1. I am applying Elliott wave theory on Indian Markets from 3 years, not only analyzing but applying it actively in my personal trading. You can see my old analysis reports in my blog. I succeeded to apply EWT not only for long term but on every time frame including short term and intraday. You will see most of my analysis is on 5 minutes time bar chart in my analysis report.
  2. I used latest charts of Indian Markets especially Nifty charts to explain every condition and pattern with details.
  3. I explained “personality of waves” and “Fibonacci Calculations” in details for more accuracy to identify patterns easily and calculating exact levels that you may not find anywhere else.
  4. I also explained my personal experience, my personal observations and techniques to identify patterns easily that you are not going to get somewhere else.
  5. I am providing analysis reports of live Indian Markets for 02 months for training purpose so that you can compare, apply, see the results and learn faster by seeing live examples. And I can bet, no expert is going to provide this facilities every for Rs. 20,000.
  6. I am providing you life time updates of my book. Whatever discovered till now is not end. I am continuous researcher and still finding something new every next day. So, I will provide you updates whenever I find something new till I am alive.


Q:           I don’t have any experience of stock market and technical analysis, can I learn EWT?

Ans:       The book is prepared and arranged in such systematic manner that anyone who can understand simple written English and who can solve simple mathematical calculations will be able to apply Elliott Wave’s theory on charts within 1 to 2 weeks.   But expertise comes with practice and dedication.  

Q:           Rs. 3200 seems more for this book “Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar”?

Ans:       I will advice to search and review how much expert’s charges to teach Elliott Wave Theory. Most of the experts charges Rs.20, 000 to 40,000 for 8 days session without any future support. Yes, you may find many books in range of Rs. 500 and above but again it may take long time to understand and grasp it.

  1. It took 120 days to complete this book “Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar” and written in simple English with lots of examples on real time charts that any newbie can understand.
  2. I am also providing EW Analysis Reports of Indian Stock Markets for 02 months as training support. It takes 02 hours to prepare and send analysis reports that worth more than Rs. 10,000. The information and services I am providing worth much more than the cost if you review. 

If you have any other question, Please never hesitate and leave you question in Comment at bottom. I will answer whenever I am Free

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