38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy

Most effective, accurate, confident and low risk high rewarding trading strategy

(Discovered and back tested for 6 Years by Elliott wave analyst Deepak Kumar)

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INR 2499/-*

Accuracy 70%*

Risk Reward 1:3*

Know about the course

Sweeglu 38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy is a complete technical analysis method by its own.

I call it a “Trading Strategy” because it gives a complete trading setup with,


Minimum target is always 3 times more than the maximum stoploss.

Otherwise, it is most effective analysis method which gives idea of market trend and direction at any point of the time.

38% Retracement Trading Strategy is so simple that, 

Equally effective on all trading scripts





You need not to wait so long for trading opportunities, you will get trade setups and trading opportunities frequently.

Market always moves in a required pattern, either you will be riding a trade or will be waiting for the breakout.

How it is different?

Technique is so easy and simple that, it doesn’t take more than 1 minutes to do the whole analysis

But it is so effective that, no other analysis method can match its accuracy and risk reward.

Know the instructor

Who can get benefited from this course?

Course Curriculum

The audio language of this course is Hindi but explanations on charts are in English. It is mixed Hindi and English. 

Complete English course will be added soon and both Hindi and English course will be available in a single package. 

Learners will be able to access both the courses once English course is updated.

Course will have 2 parts,

theoretical part

First part will explain the concept, calculations, pattern identification and strategy with the help of motion graphics and imaginary images. Motions graphics are used in such a way that any person with basic IQ can understand the concepts by only seeing it.

practical part

2nd part will be completely on Real charts. Whatever learnt in first part will be applied practically on real charts and you will see more than 20 examples on Nifty, Reliance, Gold and EUR/USD charts.

 13 Video Sessions     |    1 hour 31 min 40 sec Total Time  

This lesson is all about introduction of “Sweeglu 38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy” and roadmap of this complete course is explained. Know your Instructor in this lesson and see what you are going to learn throughout this course. 

Time: 4 min 27 sec

This lesson will explain the basic concept based on which this 38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy is built.

Time: 5 min 17 sec

This lesson will explain the retracement limits of wave 3 of Elliott Wave Theory. Same retracement limits are the basis of this “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy.

Time: 3 min 5 sec

This lesson will explain the first step of “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy”. It covers how retracements happens, how breakout happens and what is the reaction after confirmation of breakout.

Time: 4 min 21 sec

This is most important lesson of this course because it explains what actually the strategy is. Here you will know how to identify low risk entry range, what will be stoploss and what will be the minimum target.

Time: 6 min 50 sec

Identifying accurate ABC pattern is important for accurate calculations and perfect trade setup. This lesson will explain how to identify an accurate ABC pattern with the help of Retracements and Projections.

Time: 4 min 1 sec

In this lesson, whatever explained in earlier chapters is applied practically on real charts. Use of important tools, calculation of retracements/projections, identifying ABC pattern, confirmation of breakout, identifying entry range, confident small stoploss and high rewarding minimum targets is explained in this lesson.

Time: 23 min 23 sec

You will witness examples of “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy” practically on Nifty Charts. Different conditions and possibilities are explained with practical examples.

Time: 18 min 15 sec

You will witness examples of “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy” practically on Reliance Charts. Different conditions and possibilities are explained with practical examples.

Time: 3 min 53 sec

You will witness examples of “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy” practically on Gold and USD/EUR charts. Different conditions and possibilities are explained with practical examples.

Time: 10 min 46 se

Deepak Kumar shared his own Risk Management formula in this lesson. This risk management is helpful in surviving in tough market conditions and for being profitable on long run.

 Time: 3 min 40 sec

In this lesson, some important tips and advice is shared to use this trading strategy effectively.

Time: 3 min 36 sec

This course is not just a simple recording but every concept is explained with advanced motion graphics. The course is prepared in such a way that anyone can understand the concepts clearly by just seeing the videos without even listening the audio.

Other Benefits with this Course

After enrolling this course, learners will be added in Sweeglu Elliott Waves Learner’s Community. Learner will be added in a community where all learners discuss, ask queries, share their charts and trades based on “38% retracement breakout trading strategy. 10s of trade setups shared everyday by fellow members.

Learners will get 1 month access to all “Sweeglu Elliott Waves” premium services to witness analysis and practical application of “38% Retracement Breakout Trading Strategy” on real time charts live during market hours. It will help immensely to master this technique easily and faster.

Learner will have 1 year support for clearing doubts. Learner can contact Deepak Kumar directly by phone, WhatsApp, Telegram and email for asking doubts regarding this strategy.

All the queries will be answered personally by Deepak Kumar.

How course can be accessed?

After successful purchase, the course would be added to your courses. A email with login credentials will be sent to access “Your Courses” section.

From Computer, you can access your courses from your browser after successful login

From Android Mobile, you can download SweeGlu Android App to access the course.

From other devices, you can access your courses library  through browser of your device.

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