Elliott Wave Theory Patterns

Elliott Wave Theory Patterns – Types and Explanation

Elliott Wave Pattern represents the structure of a wave with Definite rules and Fibonacci Calculations of internal waves. Every wave of Elliott Wave Theory has its own definite patterns which help us to identify if a waves is completed or not. It

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Fibonacci Projection for Elliott wave 5

Fibonacci Calculations in Elliott Wave Theory Analysis

Fibonacci Calculation in Elliott wave theory is all about calculating Fibonacci Retracements and Projection of Waves. This article is all about the use of  Fibonacci Ratios in Elliott Wave Analysis. There are 8 main waves in Elliott Wave Cycle and

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Elliott wave Personalities

Elliott Wave Personality and Behavior Explained

Elliott Wave Personality carries  importance in Elliott Wave analysis because it helps to confirm the accuracy of wave counts in tough conditions. Understanding of Personalities or behavior of waves can help to get out of confusion of Alternate wave counts. 

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Continuation of Elliott Wave Cycle

Elliott Wave Cycle Detailed Explanation

Elliott Wave Cycle is the base of Elliott Wave Theory or we can say it is the road map of this analysis method. You cannot counts waves without having understanding of Elliott Wave Cycle. EW cycle helps to identify the

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