My Paid Services

Packages and Subscription Charges

1.         Elliott Wave Analysis Course 

The complete course to learn Practical Application of Elliott Wave Theory in real time trading which includes:

  • Practical Application of Elliott’s Wave Principles by Deepak Kumar eBook
  • FREE Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty for 02*/06** Months for practical training on real time latest charts
  • FREE Fibonacci Calculator for easy and fast calculation of waves
  • Dedicated Support by Phone and email
  • Lifetime Updates of Book
  • Cost:
    • Rs. 4500* with “Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty” for 02 Months
    • Rs. 9500** with “Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty” for 06 Months
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2.          Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty

  • This includes daily Elliott Wave Analysis Reports of Nifty
  • The reports will be in PDF format and will be send my email before 10:30PM for next day
  • Reports will be same as I post occasionally on my website; the only difference is that I send reports daily to my clients but post on website occasionally.
  • This service doesn’t includes any advisory support and trading advice during live market hours
  • Click Here to Read Sample Elliott Wave Analysis Report
  • Click Here for details
  • Cost:
    • Rs. 2100 / Month,
    • Rs. 5000 / 03 Months
    • Rs. 9500 / 06 Months

Note: These Analysis Report of Nifty I am providing to my students for 02 Months to teach Elliott Wave Theory.  And this service is mainly for my students who want to get my report even after 02/06 months of free period. So, it may be difficult for beginners to understand these reports.

So, my advice for beginners is to go for my “Elliott Wave Analysis Course” first which cost only Rs. 4500 and I am also providing same reports free for 02 months. So, that you can understand everything in the report and also able to analyze yourself as I am not providing any advisory support during live market hours.

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